CCH488 14″X1/8″X1″ MASONRY Cutting Wheel High Speed 10pcs/box

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UPC# 43858
Specifications: C30SF3 – Silicon carbide 30 Grit; Triple reinforced
Hard bond for long life
Quantity shipped: 10 Per box
For cutting: Masonry
Maximum operating speed 5,400 RPM


CCH488 14″X1/8″X1″ MASONRY Cut-off Wheel, High Speed – MAX RPM 5,400
Silicon Carbide

Designed with high tensile fiberglass reinforcement in combination with abrasive grain to deliver safe and long life cutting wheels.
Available in different sizes ranging from 1″ to 20″ dia. with specification to fit different tools for various cutting applications
For High Speed Saws


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